BTech in Hindi: in IIT Jodhpur BTech will be taught in Hindi medium also admission jee advanced score basis – BTech in Hindi: Now BTech will be taught in Hindi in IIT, there will be separate classes, know how to get admission, Education News

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BTech in Hindi: Now BTech can be done in Hindi medium along with English in IIT Jodhpur. The country's leading technical institute has launched BTech degree course in Hindi under the National Education Policy 2020. Admission in Hindi medium BTech will be done on the basis of JEE Advanced score. First year students will be given the option to choose between Hindi and English lecturers before the classes start. Two sections will be created on the basis of language preference, Hindi medium or English medium.

The same teacher will teach both sections. Students will also have the option of switching between sections during the session, either in Hindi or English medium. Apart from this, students will be assessed at the same level for both mediums.

The Ministry of Education shared this new initiative of IIT Jodhpur on the social media platform X and said, “The Ministry of Education is happy to share that IIT Jodhpur will now offer B.Tech first year courses in both Hindi and English from this academic year. This initiative is designed to ensure that all students can learn effectively in the language they are most comfortable in. Both sections will be taught by the same instructor while maintaining continuity and quality. This is an important step towards promoting a more inclusive and supportive academic environment at IIT Jodhpur.”

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The Senate of the institute approved it in its 38th meeting held on 26 June 2024 and the Board of Governors approved it during its meeting held on 28 June 2024. However, the IIT institutes opposed this proposal of engineering in Hindi introduced by the central government a few years ago. The IIT institutes said that engineering courses in Hindi are not good in terms of employment prospects, industry requirements, global workplace. But so that students can study and understand technical subjects properly in their regional language, IIT is also going to start BTech in Hindi.

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