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The Common Aptitude Test (CAT) conducted by the Indian Institute of Management, is one of the exams which sees tough competition to get selected into India’s premier national institutes.

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The Common Aptitude Test (CAT) conducted by the Indian Institute of Management, is one of the exams which sees tough competition to get selected into India’s premier national institutes. (Representative Image)

CAT 2023 which will be held on Nov 26 in three sessions, will see candidates from various educational streams come together to attempt the management aptitude test to further pursue their education in various Post Graduate and Fellow/Doctorate programmes of IIMs.

With just a few days left, it is normal for candidates to feel the heat of the exam and stay tense for D-day. Here are some tips from students who cleared the CAT exam for the nail-biting last few days before the exam.

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Exam strategy for the last few days:

Most of the students would want to cover as much as they can till the last moment. Having a proper exam strategy, especially during the last few days is very important to help you retain what you have prepared for the exam.

“It is best to not learn anything new during these last few days. Keep making your strong areas stronger. Take a maximum of 3 mock tests during the last week and space them out well. You can stop taking mock tests 2 days before the exam and reserve it to just do revision and go through all the formulae. The day before the exam keep your preparation limited to 3 hours. Make it a relaxed day, don’t take too much on your plate thinking it’s the day before. Your mind needs to be at its best the next day,” says Rhea Tess Johny who scored 98.16 percentile to get selected in IIM Trichy.

Last-minute revision tips:

Just days before the exam, experts say it is always better to not start any new topic and revise from what you have prepared so far to make your base stronger. So does Najam Sayeed, a student at IIM Trichy who secured 98.32 percentile. “I was banking on Quants a lot so, I revised Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry in the last week at full throttle,” says Najam Sayeed.

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How to beat the exam heat:

Many students feel very nervous and tense as the exam date approaches. It is very important to calm down your nerves and think with a cool head during the exam to excel in any competitive exam. Here’s what some students did to stay calm under pressure before they attempted the CAT exam.

“To stay calm, I listened to music and spent time with my family. I told myself that the effort I had put in so far would bear fruits, and that helped me maintain my composure,” says Spoorthi V, who scored 97.85 percentile to get selected in IIM Trichy. She is pursuing a Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) from the institute.

“Go out the day before, talk to your friends, parents, etc to get your mind off of the exam if you’re feeling too stressed. On the day what helped me the most was as simple as taking deep breaths. For instance during the exam, one of your sections might not go well. Forget completely about it when the next one starts. Remind yourself that you still have a chance. Start the next section as if you’re starting the exam. And don’t forget – deep breaths,” says Rhea.

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What should you not miss carrying for the exam:

Forgetting to carry important things that are needed for the exam is bound to happen to many if you do not plan beforehand. Hear it from the candidates who have attempted the test for the key things that you need to carry.

“Please don’t forget to take the printout of the admit card, a valid Govt ID card and extra passport-size photographs. Keep a water bottle with you, and remember that being calm during the exam is the key to success,” says Spoorthi V.

“Remove all your jewellery and go through the instructions on the admit card to check if you’ve missed anything. Make sure you have an idea of where your test center is. It’s always best to leave early especially if you have afternoon and evening slots,” says Rhea.

CAT 2023 is a computer-based test conducted by the IIMs to evaluate candidates to be admitted at the institutes. The exam will be conducted on November 26 in three sessions. Some listed non-IIM institutions also use the CAT scores to admit candidates for their programmes.

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