Educator Points Out The Three Common Mistakes UPSC Aspirants Make-Inspire To Hire

Candidates should follow an organised approach to UPSC exam preparation.

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The candidates who become successful in the UPSC exams in their first attempt focus a lot on the mock tests.

The Union Public Service Exam (UPSC) is a highly competitive examination in India, demanding diligent preparation and extensive study from aspirants. It marks a significant milestone in an individual’s life. However, aspirants often make critical mistakes that can hinder their success in the UPSC examination. Manoj Jha, the founder of the UPSC coaching institute GS Score, recently discussed three common errors made by UPSC aspirants in a conversation with News 18.

1. Unsettled Preparation- Many aspirants commit this mistake very commonly while preparing for the UPSC examinations. They remain under the assumption that their preparations are not finished. They devise new ways to prepare for the UPSC exams and that becomes their biggest mistake while preparing. The aspirants need to understand that everyone’s way of studying for the exams is different. They need to rely on the way which makes them at ease. They can also choose the study materials of their choice as many UPSC-related books are available in the market. They should, however, keep in mind to exercise self-discipline during their preparation time for the UPSC examinations.

2. Unorganised Preparation- This is another fault commonly committed by all UPSC candidates while studying. They set their study-related goals only for the preliminary examination. They completely neglect the main examination part. Due to this mistake, they feel excessive pressure to prepare for the examinations while writing the main exam. The candidates should keep preparing for the main exam and the answer writing part as well right from the first day of their preparation. This will help in easing the preparation work regarding the exams. This kind of organised approach to the UPSC preparation can ensure that the candidates cover the maximum course in less time.

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3. Avoiding the mock tests- The candidates who become successful in the UPSC exams in their first attempt focus a lot on the mock tests. These mock tests give an idea to the candidates about their level of preparation. Without attempting these examinations, the candidates will never know about the topics they should focus more on.

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