Meet Yashasvi Shinde, The Madhya Pradesh SDOP Who Worked As A Physiotherapist-Inspire To Hire

Yashasvi Shinde hails from the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh.

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Yashasvi Shinde embarked on the journey to become a police officer after a chance encounter with a trainee IPS officer in 2013.

In Madhya Pradesh’s Manasa, Sub Divisional Police Officer (SDOP) Yashasvi Shinde has left the department in utter shock with her resignation. Reportedly, she wrote to police headquarters (Bhopal) and inspector-general of police (IG), Ujjain and resigned from her post on Wednesday. As per reports, a transfer list was released by the Bhopal Police Department on Tuesday. The list revealed that SDOP Yashasvi Shinde was transferred to the post of DSP at Neemuch Ajak from the Manasa SDOP office. It is the first time that a gazetted officer has stolen the limelight for the resignations from his post. However, there is no information available on why Shinde resigned from her post; or whether the resignation letter has been accepted or not.

Yashasvi Shinde, before joining the police department, used to work as a physiotherapist. She hails from Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. She embarked on the journey to become a police officer after a trainee IPS officer visited her in 2013. The officer had difficulty in moving one of his fingers and wanted treatment for the same. Despite visiting many doctors, there was no improvement. Shinde helped the officer and he underwent physiotherapy for a month. Afterwards, his finger was cured.

As the treatment sessions ended, the trainee IPS officer told Shinde that she should be in the police department. He was impressed by Yashasvi Shinde’s hard work and dedication and advised her to try for police jobs. Shinde was inspired by his words and stepped in with the decision to prepare for the exams. After 3 years of continuous hard work in MPPSC, she was finally selected for the post of DSP. Yashasvi Shinde was also honoured by the Home Minister for her performance.

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