UP Govt To Give Annual Scholarships To SC And ST Students In Classes 9 And 10-Inspire To Hire

Students must be between 12 to 20 years of age to be eligible for the scheme.

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Each student will be given Rs 3,500 per year, to support their education. This marks an increment of Rs 500 from the previous sum of Rs 3,000.

The Uttar Pradesh government has unveiled a scholarship program aimed at benefiting students in Classes 9 and 10, subject to specific age criteria. According to reports, eligible students will receive an annual scholarship amount of Rs 3,500 to support their education, marking an increase from the previous sum of Rs 3,000.

This scholarship is specifically designed for students belonging to the scheduled caste or scheduled tribe categories who are currently enrolled in the 9th and 10th grades. To qualify for this scheme, students must fall within the age range of 12 to 20 years. Notably, individuals aged 20 or older who are pursuing studies in Class 10 are ineligible for this scholarship. However, this age limit exemption applies to research students.

The students are eligible to get the scholarship if they have obtained at least 50 per cent marks in their previous year. Every year, more than 50 lakh students get benefits through this scheme. This is the first time that students from SC and ST will be able to get advantages of this scholarship scheme. Students whose families work in certain unhygienic occupations are also eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The scholarship program extends its eligibility to students who opt to transition from academic courses such as BA, BSc and B.Com to pursue equivalent professional programs like BTech or MBBS. A crucial requirement is that these students must successfully qualify for the entrance examinations associated with the chosen professional courses.

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Notably, this expanded opportunity was not previously available, implying that students embarking on their first year of a secondary course were unable to benefit from this scheme. This inclusive provision ensures that students pursuing diverse educational paths have access to financial support, promoting their educational pursuits in professional domains.

According to reports, from 2025 onwards, students who got admitted to the management quota without giving the mandatory entrance will not be eligible for the scholarship or fee reimbursement. A biometric attendance system will be implemented in the same year.

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