Who Gets The Bigger Paycheck: IAS Officers Or Professors? Let’s Find Out-Inspire To Hire

IAS officers can reach the highest rank of Cabinet Secretary.

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Let’s take a closer look at the salary structure of IAS officers and Professors.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer and Professor, both professions are esteemed and prestigious in the society. Have you ever wondered which role earns a higher salary? Today, let’s take a closer look at the salary structure of IAS officers and Professors. IAS officers hold significant administrative authority, which makes their status more visible. In contrast, the position of a Professor is known for its substantial salary. Read on.

Salary of an IAS:

After passing the UPSC Civil Services Examination and joining as an IAS officer, the starting monthly basic salary is Rs 56,100. On top of this, additional allowances are available for travel, dearness allowance (DA) and house rent (HRA). As an IAS officer advances and becomes a District Collector after 9 to 16 years, the salary increases from Rs 78,800 to Rs 1,18,500, with TA+DA+HRA given separately.

Through promotions, an IAS officer can reach the highest rank of Cabinet Secretary, where the monthly salary can amount to Rs 2,50,000, with TA+DA+HRA provided separately. Moreover, they are entitled to various perks including a car, official residence, personal servant, and security personnel.

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Salary of Professors:

When discussing professors, the starting position is typically Assistant Professor, with a salary of Rs 57,700, to which travel allowance (TA), dearness allowance (DA), and house rent allowance (HRA) are added. Afterwards, one can advance to the role of an Associate Professor, with a salary of Rs 1,31,400. Subsequently, after becoming a professor, the salary remains at Rs 1,44,200, with TA+DA+HRA provided separately.

Becoming a professor typically requires obtaining a Master’s degree in the relevant subject, successfully passing the UGC NET exam, and then completing a PhD. After achieving a PhD, individuals can apply for professor positions when universities release recruitment notices periodically. The selection process for these professor roles adheres to specific guidelines outlined by the UGC.

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