Delhi University invites applications for Vice-Chancellor Internship Scheme 2023 | Education-Inspire To Hire

University of Delhi’s Dean of Students’ Welfare Office has invited applications for the Vice-Chancellor Internship Scheme part-time 2023. Interested candidates can apply online through the link given below:

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University of Delhi Invites Applications for Vice-Chancellor Internship Scheme Part-time 2023; Apply Now

The registration process will end on October 4, 2023.

Eligibility criteria: Regular students of the University of Delhi studying in any course or stream at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels are eligible to apply for Internship programmes. The first-year/first-semester students of UG & PG are not eligible for the part-time internship 2023.

The part-time internship contains a flexible 8 to 10 hours per week. The period of Part-time internship shall not exceed six months under any circumstances. Candidates will be awarded a stipend of 5,250 per month (subject to approval).

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Students who have already availed of VCIS-2022 (Summer/Part-time) are not eligible for VCIS part-time Internship 2023.

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